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6 Top Tips When Shopping for Amber Baby Jewelry

21st Apr 2012

When you’re shopping for amber teething jewelry, there are several key points to keep in mind. As with any product, there are differences in quality and differences in the distributors of the product. We’ve listed some helpful tips below that will help you make an informed choice when shopping for amber teething jewelry.

1. Choose Trustworthy Distributor! Amber comes in many different shades and can easily be copied by disreputable dealers. Since the tests to determine if your amber is authentic cannot be performed until after the amber is in your possession, determining that your provider is trustworthy before making a purchase is very important. Be sure to verify that the distributor that you are dealing with has a verifiable history of selling genuine amber teething jewelry before making your purchase. Check to see how long they have been in business and check for real life testimonials from people who have purchased amber teething jewelry from them. Also, check out their guarantee and return policy, shipping costs and, of course, that they provide a secure and safe payment option.

2. Make sure it’s Baltic Amber! Just as all herbal supplements are not of equal quality, the healing properties contained in different types of amber can vary, also. Look for true Baltic amber.  True Baltic amber is tree resin that has been fossilized over millions of years. Tree resin that is only a few thousand years old is sometimes also referred to as amber, but does not contain the concentration of succinic acid that is found in Baltic amber, which ranges from 3 – 8%.

3. Check how the jewelry is made! The safety of children who will be wearing the amber teething jewelry should always be your first concern. Amber teething necklaces should always have each individual bead knotted in place. This will prevent the beads from breaking lose from the necklace and scattering like beads would on a traditional necklace string.

4. Shop for raw(unpolished) amber beads! Understanding how the amber teething jewelry works will help you choose the most effective products. First of all, amber is not a stone. It is a fossilized resin. When the amber is worn next to the skin, the warmth from the body heat releases natural oils, which are absorbed through the skin. It is the succinic acid contained in the oils,which has the healing properties that help relieve the pain, inflammation and drooling related to teething. When the amber is in its raw state and hasn’t been polished, it will release a higher percentage of the healing succinic acid. Always check for an indication that the teething jewelry is made from RAW amber.

5. Size is important! Selecting the proper size of amber teething jewelry for the baby that is going to wear it is another important safety issue. A necklace should be big enough to make the wearing comfortable for your little ones but small enough to make it difficult for baby to put necklace in the mouth. Recommended sizing is as follows:
up to 2 years old – 12” – 12.5”
2 – 4 years old – 12.5” – 13”
4-6 years old – 13” – 13.5”

6. Shop for lighter colors. You’ll find that natural amber comes in many different color. Although every color of Baltic amber contains succinic acid, it is believed that the lighter colors contain a higher level of this medicinal ingredient.  Milky and lemon are considered some of the strongest amber colors. Honey and Cognac fit in the next highest level. Dark Green, Cherry and Dark Cherry would be the lowest on the scale for the Baltic amber, but still provide effective relief, even at the lower level.

Amber teething jewelry has been used for years in Europe to help alleviate the discomfort of teething in babies and young children. The natural soothing properties of amber are now becoming more widely known and accepted. Research the claims yourself and then seek out trusted suppliers to order your amber teething jewelry from. Your baby’s gums will find the relief they need as those new teeth are pushing through. A happy baby means happy parents!

11 comments on “6 Top Tips When Shopping for Amber Baby Jewelry

  1. Great tips! Helped me a lot when choosing necklace for my baby. She has been wearing it for 1 month now. No red cheeks, no drool, no sleepless nights! She definitely still has had grumpy moments but I would definitely say amber necklace helped us.

      • ShannonTX, the bracelet would work as well, as long as it is made from Baltic Amber and preferably unpolished. You can use the bracelet as anklet at night. However i would recommend the necklace for daytime use – put it around the neck and the baby will just forget it’s there.

  2. My son has had one on pretty much full time since he was about 7 months old. He has 16 teeth by now and hasn’t had any problems with any of them.
    It’s definitely worth trying but make sure you get pure amber.

  3. Kelly Brown on said:

    Love these tips and I love our Amber Necklace. I just realized my 15 month old has gotten in 2 molars with nearly NO teething side affects as he had before! Question. We are going to the beach soon, is his necklace safe to wear in the sun and chlorinated pool? I would assume the ocean is ok, since thats one of the tests! lol

    • Sophia on said:

      Kelly, glad it worked for you!
      Sun and ocean will be fine – kids in Baltic countries use them while on the beach all the time. However i strongly advice against chlorinated pool! It will be damaging to amber, and the necklace cord will suck up some of the chlorine.

    • Sophia on said:

      Ellie, the shape of the beads doesn’t matter. But you should make sure that it is unpolished amber(raw), since most of succinic acid is concentrated in outer layer of the beads, which get destroyed with polishing.

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